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Honeymoon Photos
We boarded the Norwegian Majesty at the Port of Charleston on Saturday, April 8th for a week long honeymoon to The Grand Cayman Islands, Cozumel, and Key West!  We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Day 1 - Depart Charleston & At Sea

I feel like a 'Price Is Right' diva!

and the eating begins...

Our first towel animal...

Very cool.

Day 2 - At Sea

Jeremy and I enjoying the brisk wind on the Sky Deck.

'Can we just put our bed up here?'

Say cheese!

40 knots and we're not slowing down!

Look what we found when we got back to our cabin.

What show offs!

Day 3 - At Sea

Jeremy made a towel lobster for our cabin stewards.  He's so talented!

We learned that this is called a 'full fart'.  Looks like one too, eh?

Our love seals!

Day 4 - The Grand Cayman Islands

Jeremy and I woke up at 5am to catch our first sunrise together.  We were just a tad bit early.

Yes, that is a star in the top far right hand corner of the picture. This is my screensaver at home.

Around 5:30'ish...




Picture perfect!

Our first sunrise as husband and wife.

Jeremy enjoying the view.

If you've been to the island, then you know the water is actually this blue.

We had to take a tender to the island due to the hurricane damage to the piers.  You can see some of the shore damage in the photos.

Some more photos of some of the damage from the last hurricane.

... and where did you say I could find Cap'n Jack Sparrow?  Pirates are apparently a big attraction in these parts.

The weather was just amazing in Grand Cayman!

Jeremy on the tender back to the ship.

Just two newlyweds enjoying the married life in the Grand Cayman Islands!

The other large cruise ships in the area.

Our little rabbit was waiting on us when we returned from a long day of shopping.

Day 5 - Cozumel, Mexico

Although there were some grey clouds when we first arrived, the sun came out in no time.

You can see the hurricane damage on the coast of Cozumel as well.  There is currently a lot of construction on the coast.  Everyone had to tender again, but the ride was gorgeous!

.. and yes, the water is really this blue!

Wish you were here!

Jeremy and I couldn't stop talking about how nice it would be to bring our boat into these beautiful blue waters!

Do you see the dolphins?

We still can't get over how crystal clear the water was.

Getting some sun.

Us on a tender on our way back to the ship.  Cozumel has many little shops that sell beautiful pure silver jewelry... and the folks that work in them are always ready to bargain.  Their motto is, 'show me the money honey'.  We purchased most of our gifts in Cozumel because I couldn't stop bargaining!

The happy newlyweds living it up in Cozumel, Mexico!

Cozumel, Mexico

The Disney Ship... looks like a lot of fun!

Bye Cozumel, it was fun while it lasted.

Now let's eat!

Our little mouse.

Too bad I'll need to use him to take a shower with.

Day 6 - Key West

Although we were able to port, we took a bus ride to down town Key West...

Looks like spring break around here.

The bus dropped us off on Duval Street... the middle of shopping and bar heaven.

I found a new friend.

Having a little fun with an alligator head.  I think mom will love this gift!

Tastes like chicken...

In front of "The Wreckers" sculpture located in the historic Memorial Sculpture Garden.

Our last little animal.

I have to admit that both elephants this week have been my favorite.!


and goofing around...

And all the cups and glasses we managed to keep from the $10 drinks on this ship.

Day 7 - Return to Charleston

Although we had a spectacular time on the islands and on the ship, Jeremy and I were relieved to be back home in South Carolina.  We went to the Sky Deck, where we spent a lot of time during the cruise, and enjoyed the view.  Here is the Cooper Bridge... you can see the old bridge in the background being taken down.

Fellers, I just want you to know that I marketed Taco Dog this week.  *smile*


It was a beautiful honeymoon.